Drow General


PictureDrow General
This is my latest project from the Fey Lands that involves my main character who is Fae, and the Drow General, who carriers a curse.  This is one of the drafts of that character as I try out different skin colors and hair styles on this guy. 

It has taken weeks to come up with just the right combination of skin color and shading to give him that other worldly effect.  I am still working on the eyes since they do not have quite the effect that I am looking for.

My characters are very demanding always expecting the every best of everything.  The artist/writer may thing she is in charge dedicating what she wants; in reality it is the character stating what he/she wants.  

PictureDrow General Draft 2
The same guy updated with a different hairstyle and facial hair.  This version gives him the appearance of age since this guy is an adult a little past his prime, not a young kid.  This mean he has a world of knowledge and experience at his beck and call, which makes him a very dangerous adversary.

I have not come up with a name for him yet, so for now he is the Drow General.