This is the place where I intend to write about my latest projects or talk about the 3D world in general.  The 3D world has gone through some changes in the last few years as technology changes ect.

I was introduced to the world of 3D when I stumbled across someone's work and saw that the world of 3D was not just for the Professional world.  This is when I was first introduced to Poser 7 in 2010.  I bought the version that was a few years old instead of the latest and greatest since it was more affordable for a hobbyist. 

Later on I was introduced to the world of DAZ's content  where I discovered Victoria 4 and Michael 4 and the rest of that world.  Of course those are the one's that I made the use of along with DAZ's third generation of models.  I did not have anyone to teach me how to use Poser, I just learned by doing, as many other people probably do.  I learned the basics from the little pamphlet that Poser 7 came with.  The manual is hefty and I just referred to it when I hit a brick wall, most of what I learned was through my own exploring.  There are some really good tutorials on the web as well.  I did the youtube thing as well since seeing it done that way can sometimes be easier than a manual.

In 2012 I  gave DAZ Studio 4 and Genesis 1 a try.  It took me a little getting use since it was different from the world of Poser. This is when I entered both worlds and still use both systems today.  There are things that I like about DAZ Studio and there are things that I like about Poser.  I do not consider one to better than the other; it's just a matter of preference and what the artist wants out of product.

I like Genesis since I can create many different kinds of characters and creatures using just the one model.  It is great for character development which is the main reason why I use 3D content.  It allows me to envision my characters better for the many stories that I like to write.  I am not a fan of Iray since it takes so long to render a picture and it really works my poor machine, so I'll be sticking to 3Delight.

I like Poser since I can render a scene is retaliative ease and it always turn out great.  It is easier to create personal morphs in Poser (I have absolutely no idea how to even start  creating morphs in DAZ Studio or loading them).  I find it easier to pose figures using their tools than I do in Genesis which can sometimes be tricky; although daz has beautiful bends.  I really know how to use the shaders for Poser (getting better at it in DAZ studio) since I like to use shaders since it makes for a quicker render.

I have a foot in each world, so I can enjoy both of them...now if only someone could combine the best of both worlds...until that time come along I'll keep using both.



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