A Few Words About the Author

Being a Graphic Artist is my hobby and escape from the normal everyday things I do in the real world. It allows my imagination to go wild and leave the ordinary day behind for a little while.

Not an Expert Anything

I do not claim to be an expert at anything since there is always something new to learn and experiment with. This is just a hobby, that I take pleasure and enjoyment from, so I have absolutely no interest in doing it for profit. That would ruin it for me since I already have a career with deadlines and timelines. If it takes me five years to finish a project...so what; my creativity has no time lines and I hate to rush things that I do in my spare time. Hence I am doing this just for the pure pleasure of it.

There are no bosses pounding on my door demanding why this creation wasn't submitted on time or why is there delay!!! If my little muse decides to take a break that month, no big deal, I have my day job that pays the bills rather well.

Meet the Room mates

I live with two four legged room mates who each think that they run the place. I am here just to pay the rent and make sure that they are fed on time, the rest of the time, they tolerate my company. At least the dog is always happy to see me when I come home each day. I just get the usual meow greeting from kitty whenever I am late.

The rest of the time I like to spend with my friends and family.

Life is what you make of it.