Welcome to my little world

What's Happening in 2018

At the moment I am in the middle of re-doing my website since I tried the professionals and found out that I was very limited with what I could do from their drop and click version. Guess I am the old fashion kind that likes to get into the html and do my own editing and designing. I don't need the fancy stuff since this is a personal website and not a business.

Quick FYI for those who want to pitch a product:

The contents of the this website is related to my hobby, so this is a personal website and I am NOT interested in buying or selling products. I am a hobbyist that works in Poser Pro and DAZ Studio. I am a bit of dabbler, not a professional, so my work reflects this.

Things are moving in a new Direction

Any new content that I upload to Sharecg will be in an updated format since technology and software are quickly changing these days. At the moment I am favoring DAZ Studio over Poser Pro 11, since I love the freedom to create entirely different characters.

My artwork is going in a different direction than it has in the past, so this will be reflected in my new projects. Expect to be surprised with what I can dream up for future projects.

I am very busy at the moment with many demands in my daily life, so things are slowing down in my hobby work. I am not going into details about the many challenges I am experiencing at the moment and just want my life to get back to normal. Routine can some times be a good thing when faced with many things that make you realize you are not living under normal circumstanes. One word says it all....Recovery Period. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months or years depending upon how bad the disaster was. Ask anyone in a disaster zone. It puts everything else into perspective.

Quick Note

Some of my older content from Sharecg may disappear as I put up new stuff to replace products that are no longer available.

Happy Renderings!!